Director’s word

If I have to sum up Luen Tai in one word, that would be:


Our dedication to BUSINESS leads us striving to be one of the best in the industry, generation after generation for this family-run OEM/ODM business. Since founded in early 1960s, Luen Tai has never stopped investigating new opportunities and preparing the best for our valued customers. Foreseen rapid cost increase in Hong Kong in early 1990s, Luen Tai was one of the few pioneers, to shift manufacturing base to Shenzhen China so as to provide cost efficient yet quality products for customers.

In 2008, Vietnam Luen Tai was officially set up in Hai Duong, an industrial city 1 hour apart from Hanoi and 1 hour away from Hai Phong port. Since inception, we have been aiming to utilize the respective advantages of both countries in order to reach a balance between cost and technology. With well-developed supply chain network, our China factory has been positioned as our main R&D center, with non labor-intensive precision components manufacturing and production for Chinese local sale. At the same time, our Vietnam site is geared toward extensively vertical integrated mass production for export market, with full utilization of labor advantages in this South East Asian manufacturing hot spot. Together with Vietnam’s preferential trade agreement with major global economies, our customers can be guaranteed to enjoy maximum competitive advantages with our partnership.

Our dedication to CUSTOMERS is in our blood. From our management staff to front line workers, we are all passionate about bringing satisfying results and building long term relationship with our customers. Therefore, no matter whether it is a last-minute change or urgent notification, we strive to cater to our customers’ every need because we understand flexibility is one of the keys to success in nowadays’ volatile market. 

Our strong customer network attests to our dedication to customer satisfaction and proves our hard work. Currently we have major customers from over 20 countries with total annual sales of over HKD 100 million, and have extensive experiences in manufacturing products under wide range of global standards. In the coming years, we are expecting our customer base to further grow along side with our manufacturing facility in Vietnam.

Our dedication to PRODUCTS drives us innovating and ensuring high standard of products for over fifty years. Our continual investment in equipment enables us to utilize cutting edge technology to manufacture cost efficiently, while maintaining consistency in quality. Since our establishment in Vietnam, Luen Tai has on average been inputting more than RMB 1 million yearly in machine upgrades and automation. This assists us to stay ahead of our competitors and harvest utmost efficiency despite on lower cost base.

Despite our rapid development, safety is always Luen Tai’s first priority. We have been widely recognized by global safety organizations and obtained major safety certifications including ISO 9001:2015, BSI, NSAI, UL, GS etc continuously for over twenty years. Throughout the years, we have conducted extensive trainings on our workers and perfected our quality control system, earning recognitions from many of our existing customers.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring our website and feel our dedications in various aspects. If you have any inquires about our products and company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We sincerely hope that our company would be able to use our expertise to light up your business, and make you shine in your respective industry.