Why us?

Why should you choose us?

Better Cost Control

Positioned as the new “world factory”, Vietnam’s advantageous labor rates and overheads allow our company to enjoy significant cost savings on processing expenses. Together with our company’s dual sourcing policy (constant comparison between Vietnam and China suppliers), which has proven to be effectively lower material input costs, we can in return constantly offer our customers at least 10-20% discrepancies compared to their current sources.

Additional to our company’s competitive offerings, Vietnamese government has established numerous trade deals with major economies like EU, US, Australia/New Zealand etc to significantly lower the import duties. Thanks to this preferential treatment, a large portion of our company’s products can be imported free or minimal duties to our customers. With nowadays political complication between China and US/other trading partners, Vietnam would also offer a much less risky option to avoid any sudden trading policy changes or currency fluctuation, which we believe is crucial to our customers for maintaining sustainable supply and market share.

Besides that, our company never settles for less. Our experienced engineers have always been investigating into various cost optimization options, which include process automation, design streamlining and efficiency upgrades. We well understand the highly competitiveness of today’s market, so we work closely with our customers to look ahead and stipulate action plans to ensure long term viability of both current projects and ongoing discussions.

Shorter Lead Time

Currently we are offering strictly followed 30-45 days production lead time to all customers. This can be achieved not only due to the obvious abundance of labor in Vietnam, but also because of our commitment to our customers where our company is willing to provide a complimentary service to keep an agreed safety stock level in our warehouse. Hence, no matter whether there is an urgent surge in demand or seasonal demand fluctuation, you can be assured that our company gets you covered.

In addition, our plan of process improvement also greatly benefits lead time reduction. In short term higher efficiency can satisfy smaller and less frequent spike in demand, while for long term with the help of automation, our company can easily double or even triple production capacity within brief reaction time of 1-2 months (machine lead time). Our company’s strong financial background enables us to work more flexible with our partners to better satisfy market demand and achieve win win scenario.

Quality Assurance

As a leading electrical accessories supplier in the industry over the decades, we not only have maintained ISO 9001 system consecutively for years, but also pass numerous factory audits conducted by various testing bodies and customers’ professional audit teams. Throughout the audits, we are thankful to receive positive feedbacks from the teams on our quality system implantation in Vietnam and their recognition on our efforts on training local workforce from scratch to international level in 10 years.

Besides our consistent performance in product quality, our factory is also well equipped with knowledge across different international standards, as our factory is experienced in exporting to every continent in the world. With the ongoing projects, we have also been working closely with certification institutes and monitoring the latest development in all major standards. As safety and law compliance is always our factory’s priority, we proactively assume the responsibility to cross reference and advise our valued customers should there be any useful and important updates that can affect any existing products or new projects.

Last but not least, we have set up 2 professional laboratories in both our China and Vietnam site for strict product quality control during new product development and mass production. Our lab equipment covers comprehensively on all common tests across applicable standards. Some of the examples include glow wire test, aging test, endurance test, impact test etc… Addition to our focus on hardware, our company also emphasizes the importance of quality team training. Our lab technicians are all locally accredited by third party and the rest of our quality team carry out regular trainings with internal rotation program in place, in order to guarantee they could also see a bigger picture on our manufacturing.